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Botox for sweating – all you need to know

Excess sweating (or hyperhidrosis as it is commonly known) is a condition which often starts in puberty and can continue into adulthood. It can present itself on several parts of the body such as the armpits, hands, feet, back and the face. Hyperhidrosis can have a dramatic effect on someone’s life and can cause emotional upset and embarrassment. It can affect the choices people make such as the clothing they wear and even going out in public or attending social gatherings. There are prescribed topical treatments that can treat excess sweating, but many contain harsh chemicals which can burn or irritate the skin and are also not always guaranteed to work.

At ELZ Aesthetics in Hale and Stockton Heath, we understand that hyperhidrosis can make everyday life a struggle for those who experience the condition. For cases of hyperhidrosis, Dr Ahmed offers a highly-effective quick, simple injectable solution to this issue. He uses Botulinum Toxin (or Botox) to temporarily immobilise the sweat glands and offer confidence to his patients for months at a time.

Botox is a natural protein which has been used in medicine for many years and most commonly recognised to relax wrinkles in the upper face. Using Botox for excess sweating offers significant results and can be life-changing to those who chose to try it.

If you’re wondering if you would be suitable for the treatment, the good news is that most fit and healthy people can have Botox for hyperhidrosis. However, before any procedure of this kind, Dr Ahmed will ask that you attend a pre-treatment consultation to assess your individual concern and ensure you are medically fit and able to undergo treatment.

What can I expect from a Botox treatment?

During treatment with Botox for excess sweating, the area is cleansed to prepare it for injection. Dr Ahmed will highlight the sweat pores by using a blend of iodine and starch which temporarily stains the area to be treated. This will show up the main areas where a higher concentration of injections will be required. After this, a series of very small doses are administered to the area to disperse the Botulinum Toxin into the sweat glands to immobilise their secretions.  This results in a retardation of the perspiration production in the area and a period of several months where you can happily experience dryness in the area.

Depending on the size of the treatment area, Botox for hyperhidrosis takes around 30 minutes to complete. It can be a little uncomfortable in some areas, so the doctor may decide to use some anaesthetic cream beforehand, which takes around 40 minutes to take effect.

Results and risks with Botox for sweating

Results can take up to 14 days to take effect and can last up to 5 -6 months for most people, though results can vary from person to person. You can expect to experience up to a 95% reduction in sweat secretion, which can make a massive difference to your everyday life and feelings of confidence and wellbeing.

If you’re worried about any possible risks, this treatment has been used in the NHS for over 30 years for treatment of a variety of conditions and has an excellent safety record. Very few side-effects have been reported, and there is little to no downtime following the treatment, apart from perhaps some slight soreness around the area of concern, due to the multiple injections required for the procedure to be effective.

Botox for sweating: treatment across Cheshire

Whether a temporary teenage phase or a condition experienced in adulthood, hyperhidrosis can be distressing. Dr Ahmed is delighted to have treated hundreds of happy patients with Botox for this condition, so they can live a happy, fulfilling life without the worry or embarrassment of excess sweating.

We treat both men and women for hyperhidrosis; contact the clinic today and book your no-obligation Botox consultation.