Acne scar removal using laser
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Acne scar removal using laser

Acne Scar Removal

If you are someone who has experienced acne in the past and now has small, pitted scars as a result, you’ll know that these do not disappear on their own. Acne scarring can be a stark reminder of the skin condition and requires clinical attention to fade or remove them. At Bank MediSpa in Hale, Cheshire, we offer laser acne scar removal, using LUMINA – a laser device from Lynton Lasers, an award-winning UK manufacturer of medical-grade laser devices, used in clinics all over the world, as well as by the NHS here in the UK.

What is acne scar removal using lasers?

As the name describes, laser acne scar removal utilises a direct laser at a specific wavelength, to remove the scars. It works in 2 different ways. Firstly, the heat that is generated by the LUMINA laser removes (ablates) the uppermost layer of skin where the scars are located. Once this layer has peeled off, the scar is less noticeable and the skin appears smoother and more evenly-toned. As the skin tissues undergo the ‘trauma’ that the laser has applied to the skin, this encourages the production of collagen and elastin as well as healthy skin cells. This means, that over time, your skin will heal itself and become softer, less pitted and healthier.


Am I suitable for laser acne scar removal?

Anyone who experiences acne scarring may be suitable for laser acne scar removal. However, it’s important to ascertain that your skin type is suitable and that you don’t have any medical conditions which may prevent or restrict a laser treatment. Therefore, we ask that you attend a no obligation consultation with Dr A here at Bank MediSpa, prior to any treatment being agreed, to ensure that the procedure will be effective and safe for you to undergo.

Does laser acne scar removal hurt?

As heat is generated during a laser acne removal treatment, there can be some discomfort; a sensation similar to having an elastic band flicked on to the skin. However, with more state-of-the-art technology with the addition of cooling, the LUMINA laser means less discomfort than many traditional laser treatments on the market.

How many LUMINA laser acne removal treatments will I need?

This all depends on the severity of your acne scarring and the size of the area/s to be treated. The number of sessions predicted to dramatically reduce your acne scarring will be discussed in your pre-treatment consultation and skin analysis with the doctor, here at the clinic.

When will I see results?

In some cases, results can be seen in as little as one session. However, over a course of treatment sessions which will be advised by the doctor, you should see the skin gradually become less pitted and smoother in its appearance. As the collagen and elastin within the skin is increased, your skin will become more resilient and youthful-looking – an added bonus to this treatment!

How long do the results last?

As the skin is ablated by the laser, the results are permanent and you can enjoy smoother, more beautiful skin, for years to come, after your course of treatment at Bank MediSpa.

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