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The skin performs a myriad of tasks for us. It keeps our bodies safe from the elements, helps to regulate body temperature, warns us of impending danger by sensing heat, cold and trauma and protects our internal organs. It’s no wonder therefore, that our skin can show signs of wear and tear as the years go by.

medical grade skincare

Why SkinCeuticals?

Using shop-bought creams and lotions may not be enough to stop the signs of ageing and to treat various skin conditions and if you are serious about keeping your skin looking its very best as time goes by, you will want the very best products for serious repair and rejuvenation.

At Bank MediSpa here in Hale, Cheshire, we offer a range of clinically-proven skincare which contain powerful substances for skin revitalisation and restoration for a whole host of concerns. One such skincare brand we are proud to offer is SkinCeuticals.


What is SkinCeuticals?

SkinCeuticals is a medical-grade skincare line which was founded in 1997 by Sheldon Pinnel, M.D and Russell Moon. Each SkinCeuticals product is based on a combination of topical antioxidant serums and were developed and patented by Sheldon Pinnel and the J. Lamar Callaway Professor Emeritus of Dermatology at Duke University Medical Centre. The SkinCeuticals range offers cleansers, toners, serums, SPF sunscreens and washes, for all skin types and concerns. Specifically sold in clinics and prescribed by skincare professionals, SkinCeuticals cannot be bought over the counter or in supermarkets or department stores and are best advised by specially-trained skincare experts, such as our team at Bank MediSpa.

Am I suitable for SkinCeuticals?

SkinCeuticals has been developed for a wide-range of skin types and therefore, most patients will benefit from a specifically-designed skincare regime which includes these products. However, we recommend coming to the clinic in Hale for an initial consultation and skin analysis, so that we can select and advise on the very best products for your skincare needs.

How do I use SkinCeuticals?

SkinCeuticals can be used as an at-home regime, but can also be combined with specialist facials here at the clinic, for optimum results. When you embark on your journey with SkinCeuticals at Bank MediSpa, we will advise you on how and when to use each product, as well as create an in-clinic treatment plan, for optimum, outstanding results.

When will I see the results?

Results can be seen in as little as a week and also depend on whether you are having in-clinic treatments to compliment your home-use regime. All patients are unique and have varying skin conditions, so the expected results will be discussed with you in your pre-treatment consultation, here at Bank MediSpa.

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