ZO Skin Health Bespoke Facials
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ZO Skin Health Bespoke Facials

Bespoke Facials from ZO Skin Health

Your skin is as unique as you are and at Bank MediSpa in Hale, Cheshire, we believe that treating it as such is the difference between good results and outstanding ones. Our bespoke ZO Skin Health facials are a firm favourite with all our patients who want to address specific skin conditions, as well at rejuvenating and revitalising their full facial complexions.

ZO medical grade skin care

What is ZO Skin Health?

Developed by award-winning dermatologist, Dr Obagi, ZO Skin Health offers advanced skin correction in a bespoke facial, which includes cleansing, exfoliation, peels and serums. This medical-grade skincare provides solutions to patients of all ages, ethnicities and skin types. From fine lines, wrinkles and sun-damage, to more problematic skin concerns such as acne, sensitivity and rosacea, the ZO range of bespoke facials offer medical strength results, using naturally-derived, chirally-correct ingredients.


Am I suitable for a ZO Skin Health bespoke facial?

Before any facial can commence here at Bank MediSpa, we will ask that you attend a no obligation consultation with one of our skin experts. This will entail a skin analysis, which will help to determine which bespoke facial will be suitable. We will also check your medical history, so that we are sure there are no contraindications which could prevent or restrict your ZO Skin Health facial from going ahead. Once this initial meeting is complete, you will be able to book your first ZO Skin Health bespoke facial.

What happens during a ZO Skin Health bespoke facial?

An advanced ZO Skin Health facial is designed to rejuvenate and stimulate the deeper layers of the skin. A deep cleansing technique will initially be used and once your skin is cleansed, a tailored peel, specific to your skincare concerns will be applied. Following your peel, a micro-needling treatment may be added, to infuse the skin with a serum, specifically targeted to your skincare requirements. A mask may also be added at the end of your facial, to calm and soothe the skin. Once the full treatment is complete, an SPF moisturiser will be applied, to protect, hydrate and nourish.

How many ZO Skin Health facials will I need?

This all depends on your specific skin concerns. For example, if you have pigmentation issues, such as sun-damage or melasma, you may require a course of around 6 to 8 treatments, in order to significantly reduce the appearance of the dark spots. Deeper lines and wrinkles may also need a course of treatment. However, your skin will look and feel clearer, smoother and healthier after just one treatment. Your course length will be advised in your pre-treatment consultation with one of our skin experts.

How long do the results last?

The results from your ZO Skin Health bespoke facial are dependent on your skin requirements. If you have pigmentation, a course of facials could permanently reduce this significantly. Oily, congested and acne prone skins as well as ageing skins can also benefit long-term from these facials. However, you may require top up treatments at 6 monthly periods. The use of the ZO Skin Health skincare range at home, as well as a high SPF sunscreen will also help you to maintain your results, until your next ZO Skin Health bespoke facial.

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