Laser Hair Removal
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Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted, excess hair can affect both men and women and can appear both on the face and the body.

The average woman will spend around £12,000 in her lifetime on hair removing treatments and remedies, most of which only offer very temporary results, and some can be extremely painful. Waxing, epilating, and plucking means removing the hair by force, from the root and this is not a comfortable procedure, with results only lasting around 4 to 6 weeks. Shaving can irritate the skin and cause it to become dry and red and most people tend to have to shave every day, to achieve satisfactory results. Shaven stubble can grow back fast, causing ingrown hairs as well as an unattractive ‘spikey’ feel to the skin.

At Bank MediSpa in Hale, Cheshire, we offer the world’s most revolutionary, highly effective, long-term solution for unwanted or excess hair – laser hair removal.


What is laser hair removal?

Using the LUMINA® medical-grade laser hair removal device from Lynton Lasers, the UK’s number one laser and IPL manufacturer, we treat the unwanted hair down at its source, the root.

Specifically chosen wavelengths of laser light are pulsed into the skin, reaching the hair root. This light is absorbed by the melanin within the root. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the tube-shaped hair follicles that produce the hairs. This damage permanently inhibits or delays future hair growth. The beauty of laser hair removal is that a course of around 8 sessions, you can experience permanent hair reduction, so no more painful waxing, or laborious shaving. Laser hair removal can be used for facial and body hair and is suitable for both men and women, so the sky is the limit when it comes to clinically proven, virtually pain-free hair removal, that can last a lifetime.

Why Lynton Lasers?

Lynton Lasers is one of the world’s most respected medical-grade laser manufacturers and has a history of excellence since 1994. They have won numerous awards over the years for their British manufactured equipment and have helped support hundreds of medical and aesthetic practices. Lynton Lasers are listed as a preferred supplier on the NHS Supply Chain.

Am I suitable for laser hair removal?

Before any treatment can commence here at Bank MediSpa in Hale, Cheshire, we will ask that you attend a no obligation consultation and patch test, so that we can assess your individual concerns and assess your skin and hair type. We will also check your medical history to ensure that there are no contraindications to prevent or restrict your laser hair removal treatment.

We will always conduct an initial meeting to discuss what bothers you about your unwanted hair and your expectations. In some cases, such as extremely red hair or very dark skins, treatment may not be appropriate or may take more than the usual number of sessions to achieve results. However, this is all part of the consultation and will help both you and us to come to a decision as to whether laser hair removal will be the solution for you.

What happens during a treatment?

You will be asked to shave the area to be treated, the night before, or the morning of your treatment. You will also need to avoid sun exposure for a few days prior, as well as not using sun beds, as this can make the skin more light-sensitive and activate more melanin within the skin. Your skin will be cleansed, and a conducting gel will be applied. Then, your practitioner will glide the laser hair removal device over the skin, in a few ‘passes’. You might feel some warmth, but this should not be painful.

How long does a laser hair removal treatment take?

This all depends on the surface area/s being treated. The newer, more sophisticated Lynton Laser devices work much faster than traditional lasers, so a lower leg treatment can typically take 15-20 minutes. Your expected treatment times will be discussed in your pre-treatment consultation.

When will I see the results from my laser hair removal treatment?

Many patients can see some hair reduction after just one treatment. However, laser hair removal is only effective when the hair is in its anagen (growing) phase, and at any one time, only around 30 percent of your hair is in this phase. Therefore, you will need to undergo a course of around 8 sessions, for optimum results.

How long do the results last from laser hair removal?

For some people, laser hair removal can be the final goodbye to their excess or unwanted hair. However, there are several factors that can cause hair to regenerate and grow back. These include: -

  • Hormonal changes such as the menopause or pregnancy
  • Waxing or epilating whilst having laser hair removal
  • Some medications
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) – laser hair removal can manage this condition, but you may require top up treatments to maintain results.
  • Extreme cases of hirsutism – this may require more than the average of 8 treatments.
  • Hairs that are in the catagen or telogen phase will be unaffected by laser hair removal, so you will need to undergo a course of treatment, once every 4-6 weeks for 8 sessions (approx.).

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Laser hair removal using the more recent laser technologies is far more comfortable than traditional laser hair removal. You might feel some warmness in the areas to be treated, especially in sensitive areas such as the bikini line, ankles, or underarms, but this should not be painful. Your practitioner will select specific settings aimed at your individual skin type, to ensure your comfort and safety throughout your procedure.

What do I do after my laser hair removal treatment?

  • Avoid sun exposure for 48 hours.
  • Avoid hot baths, steam rooms, saunas – anything that may aggravate the skin.
  • Do not wax, cream, or epilate the hairs between laser hair removal treatments.
  • Drink plenty of water so that your skin is kept hydrated.
  • Avoid highly scented creams or perfumed lotions.
  • You may wish to use a cooling pad on the treated area, but this is not usually necessary.

Why have a laser hair removal treatment at Bank MediSpa?

At Bank MediSpa, we operate according to CQC and GMC guidelines. Therefore, we have a duty of care to all our patients and use only medical-grade devices for your safety and efficacy of treatment. Our practitioners are all highly trained and regularly update their knowledge with further education. Our laser hair removal device is manufactured by one of the world leaders in laser device technology. Therefore, you couldn’t be in better hands.

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