Tired Eyes

‘Tired looking eyes’ often manifest as dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines around the eyes. These concerns can give the impression of fatigue or ageing, even when one is well-rested.  Collectively, these issues can make a person appear older, less vibrant, and less energetic. Both men and women can be affected by ‘tired eyes’, often developing one or more of these concerns during adulthood – approximately 30 / 40 years+.

As concerns related to ‘tired eyes’ are associated primarily with ageing, it’s likely that they will continue to progress over time, becoming more enhanced in appearance.   

The ageing process contributes to ‘tired eyes’ through various mechanisms. As we age, the skin around the eyes becomes thinner and loses elasticity, making blood vessels more visible, leading to dark circles. Additionally, the fat pads beneath the eyes may shift or diminish, causing hollowing (tear troughs) or puffiness (often referred to eye bags). 

Reduced collagen and elastin production is another characteristic of ageing skin. When this occurs around the eyes, where the skin is already delicate, it leads to fine lines and wrinkles. Crow’s feet wrinkles are commonly experienced at the outer edges of the eyes. As well as thinning skin, these wrinkles will be the result of repeated muscle movement from smiling, laughing and facial expressions. These factors can also contribute to drooping or sagging eyelids. Sun exposure is another consideration in the development of ‘tired eyes’, as it can accelerate the effects of skin ageing. 

Addressing tired eyes often requires a multifaceted approach. Bank Medispa may offer advice for a targeted skincare regime that includes improving the health of the skin around the eyes.

This can be further supported by the application of dermal fillers, our anti-wrinkle treatment and / or BeautifEYE (a skin booster specially formulated for the skin in this sensitive area of the face). Our approach is tailored for the individual, meeting their needs through a personalised treatment plan. On-going treatment sessions may be needed to maintain the results for longer.  

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