Unwanted Tattoos

A tattoo is created by inserting pigments into the skin’s dermal layer using a needle.

The process involves a tattoo machine equipped with needles that puncture the skin at a rapid rate, delivering ink into the dermis. The needles penetrate to a depth of around 1-2 millimetres, depositing the ink in a controlled and precise manner. Over time, the body’s immune system encapsulates the ink particles, leading to the permanence of the tattoo.

There are various reasons why a person may come to feel that a tattoo is unwanted. Firstly, personal tastes and preferences can change over time. A tattoo that once held significant meaning may no longer resonate with an individual, leading to a desire for its removal. Additionally, life circumstances or experiences can alter one’s perspective, making a tattoo feel out of place or incongruent with their current identity.

Professional considerations may also play a role. Some careers or industries have strict policies regarding visible tattoos, which may lead individuals to seek removal if their tattoo poses a barrier to employment or advancement opportunities.

Lastly, the quality or execution of the tattoo itself may be a factor. Poorly done or amateur tattoos can be a source of dissatisfaction, prompting individuals to seek correction or removal.

For these reasons, people may explore tattoo removal options. At Bank Medispa we use the Lumina Laser, by Lynton Lasers, as a safe effective form of tattoo removal. The advanced laser technology targets the tattoo pigments, breaking them down into smaller particles that the body can naturally eliminate.

This treatment can be used on both permanent and semi-permanent tattoos, and will require a course of treatment sessions. Each session will work to gradually fade the tone of the tattoo, however, it’s important to understand that not all tattoos can be completely removed. A consultation with one of our trained practitioners will discuss expected results.

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