Weak Jaw / Receding Chin

A weak jaw is often accompanied by a receding chin, both of which refers to an underdeveloped or less prominent lower jaw and chin structure. Whether someone is affected by one or both of these conditions, it can result in a less defined facial profile, which is characterised by a lack of lower face projection.

It may lead to a disproportionate appearance, with the upper face appearing more dominant in relation to the lower face. A weak jawline can also affect the neck’s contour and contribute to a less sculpted appearance. In many cases the affected person may also feel they appear to have a double chin, simply because more of the skin around the neck is exposed. 

A weak jaw or receding chin can be attributed to a combination of genetic and developmental factors. Genetics play a significant role, as individuals may inherit traits from their biological parents that result in a less pronounced lower jaw or chin. Additionally, certain medical conditions or syndromes can contribute to this condition. In some cases, natural ageing processes can lead to a reduction in jawline definition. Trauma or injury to the jaw area can also result in a weakened jawline. 

Understanding the underlying causes is crucial in determining the most appropriate approach for addressing this issue and achieving desired facial harmony. At Bank Medispa we treat these issues with jawline fillers that work to enhance facial balance and provide a more aesthetically pleasing profile.

This non-surgical option involves the application of dermal fillers which are strategically placed to augment the chin and jawline, creating a more balanced profile. These fillers add volume and definition, achieving a natural-looking result. Additionally, skin-tightening procedures can improve overall facial contours if the ageing process is also causing sagging skin around the jaw.

A personalised treatment plan will outline the frequency of treatments  to ensure long-term results. 

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