Lip Enhancement
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Lip Enhancement

Achieve the lips you’ve always wanted.

Our lips thin naturally with age. This is due to a reduction in collagen production, which begins to occur in our late 20s. Dermal filler injected into your lips and lip borders will give you subtly fuller lips, that will make you appear younger and give you a more defined smile. Lip fillers will improve the proportions of your lips and can turn the corners of your mouth upwards if required.

Lip enhancement results from bank Medispa

Natural looking results

Lip enhancement treatment suffered a blow when several under-skilled practitioners created some high profile ‘trout pouts.’ Dr Ahmed uses a less is more approach to ensure that your lips won’t be overstuffed and that you will achieve the predicted lip look that you will have discussed with Dr Ahmed during your consultation. He will draw on his extensive training and experience in providing lip filler treatment, to give you the lips you want.


Who can have lip enhancement treatment?

Your lips don't have to be thinning to receive lip fillers. If you’ve always wanted to subtly alter the shape of your lips, now you can. Only women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or people who are taking particular medications will be unable to have treatment.

Is the treatment painful?

You will be given a numbing cream before you receive lip filler treatment. Ultra fine needles are used to ensure minimal discomfort.

When will I notice a difference in my lips?

You’ll see the effects of your lip filler immediately after the procedure. You may need to wait for any swelling or redness to go down, before you can appreciate the full effects

How long do the effects last?

The effects of lip enhancement treatment last for 6-9 months, but top up lip filler injections will ensure you maintain your new look.

Will lip enhancement help my gummy smile?

No, lip enhancement only alters the shape of the lips. Botox injections will restrict the movement of the muscles that cause a gummy smile.

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