Anti wrinkle treatment
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Anti wrinkle treatment

How does botox work?

If you looking to reduce forehead lines, frown lines and crows feet, anti-wrinkle injections are the ideal solution. A small dose of Botox injected under the skin will temporarily prevent your muscles from contracting in order to relax your upper face and smooth out lines and wrinkles. This rejuvenating treatment will give you a rested and more youthful appearance.

Why have botox treatment with Bank Medispa

Dr Ahmed is trained in surgery and general medicine, as well as being a specialist in facial aesthetics and anti-ageing treatments. His extensive knowledge of facial structure and experience in delivering cosmetic procedures allows him to administer Botox treatment safely and effectively without compromising your ability to make facial expressions. Dr Ahmed’s light touch means you’ll still be able to register surprise, as well as smile and frown.


Is it safe?

Botox has been used medically for over 50 years and in cosmetic treatments since the 1980s. It has an excellent safety record and there are few risks involved. Additionally, Dr Ahmed keeps himself updated with all new Botox guidelines and techniques with a view to ensuring patient safety.

When will I notice a difference?

You'll begin to see a weakening of the muscles 2 - 7 days after treatment and further improvements in your appearance after 10-12 days. You may continue to look even more rested and youthful for up to 6 weeks afterwards.

How long will the effects of Botox last?

The results last for 3–4 months, but with regular treatments, they can last for up to 6–12 months.

Will it hurt?

A very fine needle is used to administer the Botox treatment. Most patients report that it's not painful at all; just slightly uncomfortable.

What happens during treatment?

The treatment takes about 10 minutes. A small, controlled amount of Botox mixture will be injected under your skin. It will stop the nerves that cause your muscles to contract from working. As there is no down time with this treatment, you can get up immediately afterwards, with no more side effects than perhaps a slight redness or bruising.

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