5 Reasons to consider Botox

Botox is now one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments in the UK. Most aesthetic clinics now offer the injectable procedure as it offers effective wrinkle-smoothing and is suitable for most people.

If you’re finding that your skin creams and lotions are no longer cutting it on the anti-ageing front and are seeking a treatment that will smooth out your forehead lines, crow’s feet and other pesky expression lines, anti-wrinkle injections could be just the thing for you.

Doctor. A is a highly-qualified cosmetic doctor. He has safely treated thousands of patients in his clinics based in Hale and Warrington, with naturally beautiful results.

You can hear from our patient, Kelly, about why she chose to visit Doctor A in Hale, and our article continues below. Kelly’s Botox follow-up video can be found at the bottom of this post:

If you’re thinking about anti-wrinkle injections, perhaps you’re wondering what the benefits of this injectable wrinkle-smoothing treatment are? Here are 5 reasons why you may want to give the treatment a try:

5 Reasons to consider Botox

Used for decades

Botox was originally used in 1977 to treat strabismus, a problem with the eye muscle. Botox, or Botulinum Toxin Type A, has been used for 30 years as a cosmetic enhancement injectable procedure and in this time, there has been no evidence to date of any long-term safety concerns associated with the treatment. Therefore, this is one of the safest injectable treatments on the market.

Safe in professional hands

There are very few contraindications associated with Botox treatments and prior to the procedure, Dr A will conduct a full medical consultation so that you can be sure you are receiving the very best care and advice before your treatment. Make sure you visit an experienced medical professional for Botox treatments, as it is a prescription-only drug.

Anti-wrinkle injections are fast

Botox is fast to administer and the needles used for treatment are extremely fine and short. If you are nervous about injectable treatments, Dr A will leave you surprised at how pain-free and quick the treatment really is.

Botox is long-lasting

Anti-wrinkle injections last on average up to 6 months; it’s a longer-term solution to dynamic lines and wrinkles. We advise that you maintain results and prevent further wrinkles forming by regularly having the treatment as and when it wears off.

Worldwide reputation, multiple applications

Botox is a proven treatment and is used in over 70 countries worldwide. There are variations in how it can be administered, including ‘baby Botox’, a technique which uses tiny doses to offer a milder treatment, perfect for first-timers and younger patients.

Anti-wrinkle injections in Hale and Stockton Heath with Doctor A

Are you considering anti-wrinkle treatments?

If you’d like some more information and advice, why not contact us for a no-obligation consultation with Doctor A. Contact our team today to make your appointment.

Thank you for your kind words, Kelly!

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