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Undergoing any cosmetic treatment can be daunting, especially if you’re new to the experience. Being in the right hands is extremely important as unlike a haircut, or make-over, a cosmetic procedure can carry some possible risks, downtime and sometimes, side-effects. At Doctor A Aesthetics we have the advantage of being a doctor-led practice which ensures your safety at-all-times.

Dr A is a fully-qualified medical professional who has trained in aesthetic procedures such as wrinkle-smoothing injections and dermal fillers with some of the world’s most eminent and respected experts. Your journey with us is vital for the very best results and your overall confidence during your experience, and we want you to know what you can expect before setting foot in the clinic doors. Therefore, we have put together what we feel are some important pointers to put you at ease, before your visit with us.

The initial call – It’s vital that you feel at ease at the very first stage of your journey and that initial call can mean all the difference between feeling really nervous and fully- confident that we are the right choice for you. Our team of fully-trained and empathic skin experts will give you relevant and valuable advice in the first instance by discussing your concern and informing you about the types of treatments we offer, as well as arranging your first visit to see Dr A to discuss your needs and requirements.

The consultation – Before any treatment can happen here at Doctor A Aesthetics, Dr A will invite you along to a no-obligation consultation. This is an integral part of your journey with us, as it will give the doctor a chance to discuss your individual concerns and requirements, check your medical history and examine the chosen area for treatment. However, just as importantly, it allows you to find out more about the treatments we offer, the process, downtime and possible side-effects as well as getting to know Dr A personally, so you can feel informed, knowledgeable and at-ease.

The cooling off period – Any doctor worth their salt will always offer a period of contemplation and ‘cooling off’ and will never pressurise you into deciding there and then. You may need some time to decide which treatment you might like to have, or if it’s a treatment requiring an element of downtime or recovery, to time when you’ll be having your treatment, accordingly. We will always allow this at Doctor A Aesthetics but will keep in touch with you so that you can ask any questions, following your consultation.

On the day…

Consent form – Before any treatment with Dr A, we will always require you to complete a consent form. This is a normal part of the process and ensures that we adhere to GMC and CQC regulations as well as keeping you informed and protected. Once your consent form has been completed, and we are sure you understand all there is to know about your chosen treatment, we can proceed.

Your treatment – Whether it’s injectable dermal fillers or Profhilo, anti-wrinkle injections, microneedling, peels or resurfacers, skin revitalisation or a hyperhidrosis treatment you can rest assured that Dr A will be able to offer you safe and effective care throughout every aspect of the procedure; from pain management to discussing results and suitable aftercare. As Dr A is a fully-qualified medical professional, he has all the materials and products to hand, in case of any unforeseen circumstances, reactions or side-effects. Choosing a medical professional for your cosmetic procedure ensures you are in safe hands, as well as offering you superb, beautiful results that will last and appropriate aftercare advice.

Aftercare – Injectable procedures, as well as peels and resurfacers, may offer some downtime and aftercare on your part. Dr A will ensure that you understand that in some cases, there can be swelling, bruising, skin peeling and redness and will make sure you know what you should be doing afterwards. Optimise recovery using relevant and effective skin products; they will also help to maintain your results.

Always on hand – After your treatment, you might have some queries or questions that you might not have thought of before or during the treatment. This is absolutely-normal and at Doctor A Aesthetics, we are just on the other end of the phone when you need us. Should you require a visit to discuss your results or aftercare with Dr A, this is also completely fine, simply call the clinic and we can arrange this for you. No question is a silly question in our opinion.

If you’re new to cosmetic procedures and want to ensure you are in safe and capable hands, you can trust Dr A and his staff to make your very first journey with us a successful, relaxed and comfortable one. You’ll see the superb results we achieve every time you look in the mirror!

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