Natural lip fillers

How To Get Natural Lip Fillers

Natural lip fillers: Dermal lip fillers are now one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the UK. When administered correctly, by a highly-skilled and keen-eyed medical professional, dermal fillers can add volume, natural enhancement and hydration to lips that perhaps need a little helping hand to regain their youthful appearance. At Bank MediSpa in Hale and Warrington, Dr A has extensive experience in administering this treatment with superb results for his patients.

Natural lip fillers: The right experience

In recent years there have been many reports that unqualified practitioners with little to no medical experience have started to inject dermal fillers and not only has this resulted in some terrible complications for the patient, but can mean that the results rarely look natural or in proportion with the patient’s face. This is because a non-trained practitioner does not have the skill or education to regard the facial structure as a whole, when making a decision on how to inject, where to inject and indeed which and how much product to inject to create a natural and pleasing result.

Medical practitioners spend many years learning about the anatomy and physiology of the face and understand the dimensions and proportions of each facial feature so that they can  make a decision on how to treat the face with dermal fillers, to make it appear more youthful, symmetrical and attractive. This is something that a non-medical practitioner will rarely be able to do as they have not the years of training that a medical professional has to go through.

Natural lip fillers are no easy task, but Dr A has built a reputation in Cheshire for providing exactly that.

The best lip filler product

Using the right products is also vital to ensure not only patient safety but that the lips will take on a natural and appearance and soft texture after being injected with a dermal filler. At Bank MediSpa, Dr A will only use proven and tested products, manufactured by renowned and famous brands within the industry.

With so many cheap, non-regulated products now being sold on-line, tempting non-medical practitioners in to purchasing and using them, it’s important to know that the product you are receiving is of the highest quality and meets all safety regulations; something that is guaranteed when visiting Dr A at Bank MediSpa.

Natural looking lip fillers: less is more

Dr A has a ‘less is more’ approach to using dermal fillers in the lip area. The large, puffy lip look that used to be popular and made famous by TV stars on reality TV programmes is not necessarily now ‘on-trend’ and most patients want to look as though their lips are rejuvenated, but without being obvious they have had ‘work’ done. Therefore, Dr A will discuss with you the results you want to achieve from dermal fillers in the lips as well as advising the shape and volume required to give you the very best results.

Small amounts of product will be used to gradually enhance your lips so that they complement the rest of your facial anatomy and offer you a youthful look. As it is easy to add but not take away when it comes to dermal fillers, it may take more than one session to achieve the look you require and as with any cosmetic treatment using dermal fillers, results are temporary, so you will need to return to the clinic every 3 to 6 months for re-treatment.

Having the perfect pout is achievable with dermal fillers but it’s important to be realistic in your expectations and also to not get swept away with the idea of having a ‘trout pout’. The larger lipped look is actually more ageing and this is something Dr A would not recommend to any of his patients. Natural lip fillers can be flattering, beautiful and nobody will know you’ve had them…

Book a lip filler consultation in Cheshire

Dermal fillers can bring a beautiful shape and voluptuousness to your lips without looking over-done or unnatural and at ELZ Dr A has the medical qualifications and years of experience to make that happen effectively and safely.

Dr A looks forward to welcoming you to his clinic, Bank MediSpa. Get in touch today to make your appointment.

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