Skin consultations with an award-winning clinic

At Bank Medispa, we are proud to be winners of a Safety In Beauty award for best non-surgical results. From our clinic in Hale Village in Cheshire, close to Stockport, Eccles, Old Trafford and Altringham. We believe this achievement is a result of the close work we do with our patients before we suggest any treatment. Part of this service, includes a thorough and comprehensive skin consultation and analysis, to ensure that you are receiving the most appropriate solutions for your skin concerns.

Here at Bank MediSpa we are passionate about skin!

As the largest organ of the body, your skin goes through a lot in a lifetime. As we age and with environmental and lifestyle factors playing a part in its health, your skin can succumb to a variety of concerns. From the signs of ageing such as lines, wrinkles, dehydration, skin sagging and loss of volume, specific concerns such as acne, rosacea or scarring to pigmentation caused by UV rays, hormonal changes or trauma, we aim to uncover the perfect canvass for Dr A to work his magic on – your skin!

Our skin consultations allow us to create a bespoke skin treatment plan, suited to your individual complexion concerns and needs. This means that you and your skin are treated as unique and a tailor made course of one or more of our skin rejuvenating treatments may be required to smooth, plump, repair and rehydrate your skin, prior to non-surgical injectable treatments like Botox®, dermal fillers or Profhilo® – all available here at Bank MedSpa, under the directorship of Dr A.

When you attend a no obligation skin consultation with us, we will firstly discuss with you, what you are looking to achieve and the concerns you have about your skin. We will then use a state-of-the-art skin analysing system which assists with accurate skin condition diagnosis at both the epidermal and deeper, dermal layer of the skin. We will also check your medical history; an important part of this stage, as there are some powerful skin treatments that we offer, that may have to be prevented or restricted, should you have any contraindications that make this necessary. It is our duty of care and professional mission to ensure your safety at all times and to offer you the most appropriate and effective facial treatments to not only offer you amazing results, but to keep your health as a priority, throughout your time with us.

Once the initial consultation and skin analysis is complete, we will then advise you on the treatment/s that could best benefit your skin and help you regain a beautiful and youthful glow. We will talk with you about prepping your skin, the treatment itself and the results you can expect in certain timescales. We will also discuss if there is any downtime or aftercare associated with a particular treatment.

Your journey with us here at Bank MediSpa is not just exclusive to in-clinic treatments. Our team of expert skincare professionals will create the perfect skincare routine to help you achieve results faster and to maintain them, once your in-clinic treatments have been completed. We offer the highest-grade cosmeceuticals here at Bank MediSpa and brands such as Obagi, ZO Skin Health and SkinCeuticals are recommended as part of our skincare portfolios.

Our skin consultations are complimentary, as we want you to feel informed and comfortable before making any decision to undergo a specific treatment or procedure. We believe that a ‘no pressure’ approach helps you to feel educated and confident, without being pressurised in to choosing a particular treatment. We offer ongoing support throughout your treatment plan as well as aftercare support and follow up consultations.

At Bank MediSpa, we believe that our results speak for themselves, as well as being an award-winning clinic and our skin consultations are the first step for you, and our team of skin experts, to get to know your skin better than you ever have, so we can help your achieve your goals, for a lifetime of beautiful skin.

Bank MediSpa in Hale, Cheshire is easily accessible from areas such as, such as Wilmslow, Prestbury, Alderley Edge, Old Trafford, Altringham and Lymm. We specialise in award-winning treatments and have recently won the Safety In Beauty Award for best non-surgical results. For a no obligation consultation, contact us and speak with one of our reception team.

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