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Introducing Juvederm Volux: Chin and Jawline Contouring

As we get older, a range of factors can contribute to how our lower face ages. These include changes in the soft tissue and bone structure, caused by genetics and the repetitive facial expressions as well as environmental elements and lifestyle choices. As this happens, we can start to lose definition and tone in the jawline and around the chin and neck areas and this can often change the shape of the face, quite dramatically.

Historically, injectable dermal fillers for the face have proven very effective for use in this area, to re-shape, re-structure and lift lower facial areas. However, many dermal fillers only last up to around 12 months in this area and many people find that they are having to return sometimes even sooner, to maintain the great results their doctor gives them with this treatment, which can be frustrating and costly.

The best dermal fillers at Bank MediSpa

At Bank MediSpa, we have introduced a new and innovative dermal filler to our range. It is developed by the leading medical brand, Allergan, who have been making effective, approved and safe dermal fillers for many years and are one of the world’s most trusted brand. Juvéderm® is their leading dermal filler product and now Allergan has added VOLUX to this range.

In a research pole by Allergan, 51% of people want to change the shape of their face and women reported that the ideal face shape is symmetrical and oval with good proportions, providing a defined jawline with clear definition between the neck and the chin area.

What is VOLUX?

VOLUX utilizes the latest in hyaluronic acid in an injectable gel alongside a patented VYCROSS® technology, specifically formulated to restore lost volume and to last longer than many of the injectable dermal fillers on the market. VOLUX allows Dr Ahmed to sculpt the chin and jaw area, giving facial definition which can last up to 18-24 months. Good to know if you are someone looking for a longer-lasting dermal filler treatment for this area.

Like many of the other Juvaderm® products in the range, VOLUX contains an anaesthetic called lidocaine, which means the treatment is more comfortable, allowing for a more effective delivery of product and pleasing results.

Am I suitable for chin or jawline contouring with VOLUX?

To determine whether you’re suitable for Juvederm® VOLUX, Dr Ahmed will conduct a full, no-obligation consultation, so that he can discuss with you your concerns and desired results as well as check your medical history so that both he and you are sure that the treatment will be both beneficial and safe to administer.

If you are experiencing ageing in the lower face but are not yet ready for a surgical intervention such as a face lift or neck lift, why not speak with Dr. Ahmed to discuss the possibilities that Juvaderm® VOLUX can offer you?

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