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What To Ask At A Dermal Filler Consultation

What to ask at a dermal filler consultation: If you’re about to embark on your journey into injectable cosmetic treatments using dermal fillers, it’s important that you know what to ask when attending a consultation with your clinical specialist.

At Dr A Aesthetics in Cheshire, we understand that it can be quite a nerve-wracking experience if you have never undergone an aesthetic treatment and we aim to make your visit to us as comfortable and informative as possible.

If you were wondering what questions to ask to ensure you’re at the right place for an injectable treatment, we have come up with the 5 top things you should find out at a dermal filler consultation, before undergoing a procedure.

Is your practitioner medically trained?

This seems a silly question but it’s surprising and alarming how many non-medics are now administering dermal fillers, with very little-to-no experience or formal medical training whatsoever. Any treatment using a needle requires a deep understanding of the facial anatomy, as well as an arsenal of materials to deal with any unforeseen reactions or occurrences.

Therefore, you need to ensure that anyone who comes near your face with a needle, has a medical qualification (doctor, Dentist, nurse, surgeon) and has undergone full and comprehensive training on the administration of dermal fillers.

Dr A is medically-qualified and highly-experienced in treating with fillers and will be able to show you his qualifications and certificates of graduation. We are also licenced and registered with medical bodies such as the GMC and CQC.

Does the practitioner use approved products?

There are literally hundreds of brands of dermal fillers on the market today, but a handful which are approved and have a longevity of proven results. Look out for brand names such as Juvaderm, Restylane, Radiesse, Volbella, Voluma and Belotero; all made by approved medical companies such as Allergan, Merz and Galderma.

Doctor A’s dermal filler brand of choice is Juvederm by Allergan.

Each pack should be freshly opened by your doctor when treating you, so ask to see the sealed pack prior to the procedure taking place.

Am I suitable for treatment with dermal fillers?

Before ANY treatment takes place, you should be asked to attend a no-obligation dermal filler consultation to discuss your medical history and your individual requirements for treatment.

No practitioner should be treating you without this meeting. There could be some reason for the doctor not to go ahead, such as a medical contraindication to the use of dermal fillers or finding out that you have a special event to go to the next day (there can be some swelling and bruising associated with the treatment and timing your treatment is vital).

Make sure you disclose anything that you might feel could determine your suitability for treatment as well as when you might be able to recover best, prior to agreeing to the procedure.

Will it hurt?

A common question and an important one.

Most dermal fillers now contain Lidocaine, which is an injectable anaesthetic. Some topical anaesthetic might be used to numb the area which is going to be initially pierced with a needle or cannula, as well as some ice.

Treatment with dermal fillers may be slightly uncomfortable but should never be painful. Some pulling or tugging may be experienced if a cannula is used, but this is normal and can be minimised with the use of local anaesthetics.

When will I see results? And how long will they last?

Ok, so this is two questions, but possibly the most important ones on your lips, as no doubt you’ll be eager to see the changes that dermal fillers can achieve, and will want to know what you’re getting by means of longevity, for your hard-earned money.

Results are immediate but won’t necessarily give you the final result as there could be some initial swelling, bruising and redness. Expect the full results to be experienced within 2 weeks. Longevity of results carries many deciphering factors, from the area treated and the product used to your individual response to the product itself (how quickly you metabolise the product). However, you can expect to experience the following results for these areas mentioned:

  • Lip filler – between 3 to 8 months
  • Cheeks – from 6 to 12 months
  • Temples – between 3 to 12 months
  • Nose reshaping – between 8 to 14 months
  • Chin reshaping – between 6 to 12 months
  • Lower face rejuvenation – up to 2 years

Dermal fillers can bring a subtle beauty to your skin as well as shape and sculpt your facial features, leaving you looking and feeling more youthful and confident. However, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to ensure you’re being treated by a qualified professional who will maintain your safety throughout the procedure.

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