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Why some injectable treatments last longer than others

At Bank MediSpa in Hale and Warrington, we offer a range of non-surgical injectable treatments to enhance your looks and promote a youthful appearance in the face and neck. These treatments are hugely popular nowadays and most people are aware of them. Wrinkle-Smoothing injections (Botox) are highly-effective at temporarily smoothing out dynamic expression lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet, forehead lines and Glabellar lines (the lines that look like the number 11 between your eyebrows). Dermal fillers such as Juvaderm® by Allergan can restore lost volume in areas such as the temples, cheeks and lips, can sculpt and lift the lower face and can add hydration to the skin. New and innovative injectables such as Profhilo® act as a ‘liquid skincare’ to offer revitalization to the skin as well as smooth out lines and wrinkles.

One of the questions we get asked all the time here at Bank MediSpa is that of longevity of injectable treatments and why some last longer than others. There are several factors to consider when answering this question.

Anti-wrinkle injections

If the injectable treatment is a toxin, such as Botox, it may last longer in some patients than others, due to environmental factors, the body’s individual response and how long that person has been having Botox treatments.

A younger patient may find that the treatment lasts longer than someone who has been having Botox for some years. Some people may also find that a certain brand of toxin lasts longer for them than others. In many cases this means trialing a few different brands to see which one may last better for you.

Dermal fillers: how long do they last?

Dermal fillers come in several formulations. Nowadays the most common, safe and popular dermal fillers are those that contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance found in the joints, connective tissues, eyes and skin. Depending on the area to be injected, the gel-like substance that the HA is suspended in may be either thick in viscosity or thinner for more subtle results.

Many HA dermal fillers contain a ‘cross-linking’ agent, to ensure they are thicker in consistency and last longer. These cross-linked HA gels are perfect for more structural repair and are used in areas that need greater enhancement, such as the cheeks, chin and nose.

In areas such as the lips, tear troughs or those that require a more-subtle change, the viscosity of product may be lower and in some cases, a cross-linking agent may not be used at all, making the dermal filler more fluid. These non-cross linked HA fillers tend to deplete more rapidly. This coupled with the individual’s own response, environmental factors such as sun exposure and lifestyle choices such as smoking or excessive exercise can mean that the HA degrades faster and requires more regular visits to the clinic to maintain results.

Profhilo in Cheshire: how long does it last?

Delivery methods can also have a huge impact on how long a product will last and how effective the treatment is. Profhilo® for example, which is an injectable HA skin remodeling treatment uses a method of delivery where 5 localized points are injected in the treatment area. Two treatments, a month apart are required for optimum results and results can last anything up to a year.

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It’s best to speak with Dr Ahmed before any injectable treatment here at Bank MediSpa to discuss the type of substance to be used and the potential longevity of results, so you have a clear understanding of how long you’ll see the results of your treatment before needing to return for a top up or maintenance procedure.

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