will people know i've had botox

Will people know I’ve had Botox?

Will people know I’ve had Botox? We have all seen ‘those’ photos. The A-list celebs with a less-than-natural looking expression that make you question “what happened?”. You just know they’ve gone overboard with something cosmetic. The tough bit is working out whether it’s Botox, fillers or major surgery.

The internet and media are littered with stories about people having ‘too much done’ or taking things too far when it comes to facial enhancement. This type of sensationalism can give cosmetic surgery and non-invasive treatments a bad name.

The reality however, is that millions of people worldwide, who are looking to improve their looks but prefer a more natural result do get just that.

It’s all about the choices they make when it comes to their practitioner.

Skilled medics give natural Botox results

When you choose a highly-qualified medical professional to administer non-surgical treatments, you’re not only paying for expert medical care and optimum safety, but a talented cosmetic doctor who has a keen, artistic eye and in depth knowledge of the facial anatomy – its tissues and structures.

Therefore, when injecting wrinkle-smoothing substances such as Botox, that medically-trained professional will know where to place the injections for optimum results and more importantly, when to stop!

Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous non-medical practitioners who are happy to continue as long as you are paying your hard-earned cash and won’t have your best interests at heart. The best way to avoid the risk of having treatment with these types of practitioners is to research well and ensure the following:

  • The clinic adheres to all the necessary GMC and CQC regulations
  • The practitioner is medically-trained (doctor, nurse, surgeon or dentist)
  • You are required to attend a no-obligation consultation prior to any treatment and are given a ‘cooling off period’ in order to take your time to make an informed decision
  • The practitioner uses only proven and regulated products (such as Botox, Azzalure or BoCouture)
  • The clinic is immaculate and the doctor’s certificates are clearly visible in the consultation or treatment room
  • You have read reviews on the clinic website

These points of reference should stand you in good stead to obtaining quality when it comes to Botox treatments. They will also ensure that the treatment you receive will look as fresh and natural as possible. Your friends will be commenting how well, rested and youthful you look but won’t be able to pinpoint what you’ve done!

Will people know I’ve had Botox from Doctor A?

Dr A is a medically-qualified specialist in administering Botox and is passionate about making his patients feel better about their appearance.

He will assess your unique facial structure and morphology in order to administer the wrinkle-smoothing injections in the right locations and doses, so that you have a youthful appearance without looking over-done.

Your results will ensure you have a renewed confidence and healthy-looking complexion for months at a time.

Will people know you’ve had botox at Doctor A Aesthetics? Only if you tell them!

Natural Botox results in Cheshire

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