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When considering a cosmetic procedure, you may be bombarded with suggestions, recommendation and advertisements for clinics, practitioners and aesthetic specialists. So much so that it can become incredibly confusing to decipher the wood for the trees when it comes to making an informed decision. At Bank MediSpa in Hale, Altrincham we aim to educate and advise you on how to make a sensible choice when it comes to a non-surgical treatment, and have come up with 7 top tips to help you with your research, so that you know what to look out for when choosing the right aesthetic clinic:


Do your research

To make sure that you’re certain about your chosen procedure we advise to research as much as you can about the treatment process, possible downtime and expected results. Watching videos on clinic websites as well as YouTube videos on the procedures will help you to obtain key information and knowledge on the treatment, well before you step in to any aesthetic clinic.

Make sure your practitioner is insured

To ensure you are fully protected if something goes wrong during your procedure, check that the practitioner has appropriate insurance cover. This will usually be mentioned on the clinic website or in a phone call with the clinic team.

‘Cheaper’ is not better in aesthetics

When researching a clinic, it is best to ensure that the practitioner and clinical team are an established medical clinic. In recent years, many non-qualified professionals such as hairdressers and beauty therapists have started to administer injectable treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers. However most of these individuals are ill-equipped and are not prepared or knowledgeable about emergency procedures and after-care.

Check your practitioner is fully-qualified, regulated and medically experienced

Check that your chosen practitioner has registration with their relevant regulatory authority, which here in the UK will be the General Medical Council.Dr. Ahmed has been trained by the UK’s leading experts in both surgery and general medicine. As an honourary lecturer at Chester University and education provider on cosmetic procedures as well as being registered with the General Medical Council, The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology and The British Society of Aesthetics, you can be confident that Dr. Ahmed will offer you superb and beautiful results in a highly- safe and clinical environment.

Look into a clinic that specialises in your chosen procedure

Seek out clinics and practitioners whose main-focus is that of your chosen non-surgical treatment and other, relevant aesthetic procedures. For example, if your chosen procedure is Botox and the clinic also provides dermal fillers, this is a strong indication that your practitioner is an expert in this area of cosmetic services.

Word of mouth

Sometimes it’s best to obtain feedback from friends, colleagues or even people online who have had similar cosmetic procedures. They will be able to give you reliable, honest advice and tell you which clinic they recommend.

Have an initial consultation (this should be offered no-obligation as standard)

A reliable clinic will always offer a no obligation consultation to patients who are new to cosmetic procedures and want to gain more knowledge before undergoing their chosen treatment. A good practice will allow you to check out their premises beforehand. This is also a great opportunity to ask your practitioner any questions and let them know of any concerns you may have.

Ensure your clinic has a follow-up service 

It’s important to make sure that the clinic you choose offers a follow up service after your procedure. If you are having a treatment such as Botox for the first time you will want to make sure you are getting a great result and that the doctor who administrated the procedure is available to offer a top up treatment if required.

Read reviews

Once you have had a consultation it’s a good idea to perhaps research reviews of your chosen clinic as well as the brand of products or devices used for your treatment. This way you will be completely confident and educated on all aspects of the procedure and the brands that supply the necessary equipment or substances which will be used.

For more information about your chosen procedure and to book a no obligation consultation with Dr. Ahmed at Bank MediSpa in Hale, Altrincham, call us on 07786 987209.

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