Weak / Brittle Nails

Weak and brittle nails are characterised by a lack of strength, flexibility and resilience in the nail plate. They often appear thin, easily breakable, and may exhibit splits, peeling, or ridges. The condition can be both uncomfortable and aesthetically undesirable.

Several factors contribute to weak and brittle nails, including: 

Nutritional deficiencies – inadequate intake of essential nutrients like biotin, vitamins (particularly B-complex vitamins), and minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc can lead to nail weakness.

Excessive moisture exposure – prolonged or frequent contact with water, such as through frequent hand washing or immersion in water for extended periods, can weaken nails by causing them to swell and contract.

Harsh chemicals – exposure to products such as household cleaning agents, nail polish removers, and acetone-based products can strip nails of their natural oils and moisture.

Nail trauma – physical trauma to the nails, such as biting, picking, or excessive filing, can weaken their structure and make them more prone to breakage.

Underlying health conditions – certain medical conditions like thyroid disorders, anaemia, psoriasis, and fungal infections can contribute to nail weakness.

Ageing – as individuals age, natural changes in nail structure and reduced collagen production can lead to increased brittleness.

Genetics – some people may have a genetic predisposition to weaker nails, making them more susceptible to damage.

Excessive use of gel or acrylic nails – prolonged use of artificial nails and frequent applications of gel or acrylic products can weaken natural nails.

Addressing weak and brittle nails often involves adopting a combination of protective measures, maintaining a balanced diet, and using nail-strengthening products. Bank Medispa can further support this regimen through the use of wellness injections that contain biotin. A regular course of treatment can help to achieve stronger, healthier nails.

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