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At Bank MediSpa in Hale, Cheshire, we are close to the M6, M56, M60 and the M67 and in close proximity to Stockport, Old Trafford, Warrington and Eccles. We are an award-winning medical cosmetic clinic and specialise in a range of non-surgical skin treatments which are clinically-proven and highly-effective. Our mission is to bring your skin to life, whether you are noticing the initial signs of ageing, you have specific concerns such as acne or scarring, you feel a certain facial feature could be improved, or if you feel your skin simply needs a boost, to get it glowing again after a seasonal change, a specific trauma or an illness. Our team of expert skin specialists, headed by Medical Director, Dr A, can offer you expert advice on how to maintain a youthful and vibrant appearance, without going under the knife, or experiencing extensive downtime.

Our treatments

Every treatment we offer, here at Bank Medispa has been researched and proven for efficacy and safety, from injectable treatments such as Botox®, dermal fillers and Profhilo® skin remodelling, to device-led therapies such as Morpheus8, FORMA Radiofrequency, illumifacial® laser treatment by Lynton Lasers and SkinPen medical microneedling; we have a solution to fit your needs and requirements.

All our staff are trained to the highest levels and where necessary, hold the medical qualifications required for a specific procedure. Patient safety is of the utmost importance here at Bank MediSpa and in an industry where regulation can be compromised, it’s reassuring to know that when you visit our clinic, you are being treated by practitioners who hold all the right qualifications and accreditations needed, to perform a safe treatment in a professional environment.

Perhaps this is why we have been recognised in the industry and have recently won a Safety in Beauty Award for best non-surgical results. Many non-medics are performing treatments which should only be performed by those with medical qualifications and the right training for specific treatment protocols. All our practitioners here at Bank Medispa hold the appropriate qualifications for their practices. This ensures absolute safety as well as excellence in producing those results that you so wish for, from your non-surgical treatment, whether it’s Botox® injections or a full face rejuvenation programme.

Having a non-surgical treatment means making sure that whichever one you are interested in, is the right one for you. Hence why we ask that you attend a no obligation consultation with the practitioner, suitable for the treatment, prior to any procedure being carried out. This initial meeting is vital for your practitioner to discuss with you, what is concerning you about your looks, to assess your facial profile and skin condition and to check your medical history, in order to make sure that there are no contraindications which might prevent or restrict your procedure from going ahead. Once you are both satisfied that your chosen procedure will be suitable and effective for your facial concerns, you can go ahead and book your first appointment.

Non-surgical treatments – a holistic approach

At Bank MediSpa, we believe that assessing the face and skin as a whole and recommending a range of treatments to address various concerns, can often mean obtaining more effective, longer-lasting results for you. We take in to account your individual requirements, your budget and the amount of downtime you are happy to undergo, before prescribing a bespoke treatment plan to suit your needs. It could be that you wish to have some Botox® injections, but are also concerned about the resilience and overall appearance of your skin. With this in mind, we may advise a course of medical microneedling before Botox® to improve the skin’s condition, prior to relaxing those facial muscles which cause dynamic lines and wrinkles. This approach sometimes means that you may not need a particular treatment when you see the results from an initial one, so we monitor your progress and advise you along the way, so that you obtain the results you need in as little time and with as little recovery time as possible.

We are proud of what we have achieved and the effective skin treatments we offer and we revel when a patient leaves us, astounded at the changes we can make to their appearance and their confidence. We do this with a superior level of professionalism and expertise, so you can relax in knowing that you are in the best hands possible, for your non-surgical treatment.

Bank MediSpa in Hale, Cheshire is easily accessible from areas such as, such as Wilmslow, Prestbury, Alderley Edge, Old Trafford, Altringham and Lymm. We specialise in award-winning treatments and have recently won the Safety In Beauty Award for best non-surgical results. For a no obligation consultation, contact us and speak with one of our reception team.

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