Gummy Smile)

Smile with confidence

One of the main causes of a gummy smile is an overactive upper lip muscle, by treating this muscle with muscle relaxing injections we can block the nerve signals which will significantly relax the muscle and stop the upper lip from rising too far over the gums when you smile.

Using advanced techniques, Doctor A can create a subtle and natural-looking improvement that will have beautiful results for the patient whilst still preserving the full freedom of expression of the treated area. You can be sure you are in the best possible hands with Dr Ahmed who is trained in surgery and general medicine, as well as being a specialist in facial aesthetics and anti-ageing treatments. His extensive knowledge of facial structure allows him to administer muscle relaxing injections to the lip area safely here at our clinic in Cheshire, helping to achieve the desired results for our patients


An effective treatment

Incredible precision and artistic skill are required to create natural-looking enhancements, and Doctor Ahmed’s outstanding industry reputation and skill in using advanced techniques means that patients visit Bank MediSpa for treatment from all over the north-west of England from towns such as Altrincham, Sale, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Bramhall, and Knutsford, as well as cities further afield including Liverpool, Chester, and Warrington.

If you are bothered by a gummy smile, but don’t like the idea of going under the knife this treatment with muscle-relaxing injections might be your preferred option.


Frequently asked questions

What are muscle relaxing injections?

Muscle relaxing injections are made up of naturally occurring plant proteins that when injected into muscles blocks nerve signals and make it unable to contract as tightly, causing wrinkles to temporarily relax and soften for an anti-ageing affect.

Do you see the results immediately after?

You will start seeing results 72 hours after treatment, optimum results are 2 weeks post treatment.

How long do muscle relaxing injections last?

On average 3-4 months dependent on the age and muscle activity of the patient.

Is the treatment painful?

A very fine needle is used in this treatment, and most patients describe the sensation as a small scratch. No anaesthetic is required.


You’re in safe hands

At Bank MediSpa we pride ourselves on enabling our patients to look the very best version of themselves, and Dr Ahmed is passionate about using treatments to improve a patient’s confidence. Contact us to book your no-obligation consultation with him to learn how Bank MediSpa can help you achieve the perfect smile.

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