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Most of us live very busy lives and the hustle and bustle of daily routine can leave our minds stressed and our muscles, aching, stiff and tight. If you are looking for a relaxing treatment to offer relief and a break from a hectic lifestyle, a hot stone massage may be the answer. At Bank Medispa in Hale, Cheshire, we now offer hot stone massage therapy to relax and revive aching and tight muscles and to offer a sense of wellbeing and calm.


What is a hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage is a form of massage in which your Bank Medispa massage therapist places smooth, hot stones on the areas of treatment, such as the back or the legs. The practice of hot stone massage has been around for centuries and is thought to have originated thousands of years ago, from Ayurveda; the ancient Indian medical practice which takes a natural and holistic approach to physical health and mental wellbeing.

Hot stone massage therapy helps to reduce physical tension and pain, and assists in mindful relaxation. The stones used in this type of massage are typically basalt, volcanic rock, which is usually high in iron, allowing the stones to absorb heat. The heat comes from placing the stones in water, usually in a special massage stone heater, at a temperature of between 110˚ F and 130˚F, with the water completely covering the stones. This ensures that the stones are not too hot so as to burn the skin, but warm enough to offer the desired therapeutic effect.

The placement of the stones and massage technique will vary, according to your individual requirements and the various tissues and muscles needing therapy. For example, if you are experiencing lower back pain, your therapist may place the hot stones along your spine. Other common areas for treatment include the abdomen, chest, feet, palms, forehead and face. Massage techniques can include circular movements, vibrations, long strokes and kneading. Hot stone massage can be used in conjunction with other types of massage, such as Swedish massage.


What are the benefits of hot stone massage?

The practice of using hot stones in massages and the induction of heat, leads to many health benefits, they can include:

  • Relief from muscle pain and tension – the combination of massage therapy and heat helps to relieve the pain and tension in your muscles. The application of heat helps to increase the flow of blood to the muscles and helps to induce and speed the process of healing.
  • A reduction of inflammation – Inflammation can occur when the body’s immune system is activated for tasks such as attacking bacteria or healing damaged tissues. Chronic inflammation and autoimmune conditions happen with the body sends out these cells when it doesn’t need to. Hot stone massage assists with the management of inflammation and balances the immune response.
  • Improvement of flexibility – Stiff muscles and joints limit the body’s flexibility and make it hard to move freely. Hot stone massage assists in the relaxation of these muscles, reducing pain and making it easier to move well.
  • Improvement of circulation – Hot stone massage helps to improve blood flow and increase circulation. This both helps to reduce muscular pain and promotes faster healing.
  • A reduction of anxiety and stress – Hot stone massage is a pleasant experience and helps the body to produce endorphins (similar to receiving a big hug). This helps to relax muscles, reduce pain and to put you in an overall better mood.
  • An immune system boost – stress can compromise the body’s ability to fight disease. Hot stone massage helps to relive stress, thus allowing the body to build up its immunity and fight disease.
  • Sleep improvement – studies have shown that hot stone massage can improve sleep, by relieving pain, increasing endorphins and reducing stress.

Frequently asked questions

Can I benefit from hot stone massage therapy?

There are a myriad of benefits that can be achieved through hot stone massage, from reducing anxiety, calming chronic headaches, assisting with digestive problems, healing injuries sustained during physical exercise, reducing fatigue and reducing the symptoms of depression. If you are experiencing physical or emotional stresses and strains you may well benefit from hot stone massage therapy. However, at Bank Medispa, before we can agree to treat you with this therapy, we will ask that you attend the clinic for a no obligation consultation and medical history check, to ensure there are no contraindications which might prevent or restrict the treatment from going ahead.

Are there any contraindications to having a hot stone massage?

There are some physical conditions which can prevent or restrict a hot stone massage from going ahead. These include:
• Blood clotting disorders
• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Epilepsy
• Recent surgeries
• Pregnancy
• Heart disease
• Neuropathy
• Osteoporosis
• Some skin conditions

How many treatments will I need?

Your Bank Medispa practitioner will advise you on how many treatments you may benefit from initially, in your no obligation pre-treatment consultation, however, as hot stone massage is completely non-invasive, requiring no time for recovery or downtime, you can regularly undergo these treatments to maintain and uphold your physical and emotional wellbeing.


More information?

Based in the heart of the Cheshire village of Hale, Doctor Ahmed opened his purpose-built, luxurious clinic to treat clients from all over the north-west of England and further afield. If you’d like to know more about massage at Bank MediSpa, please book a complimentary consultation with us today.

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