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IV Drip Therapy is becoming extremely popular for helping the body re-energise, re-balance and top up on nutrients and vitamins that might be lacking, at certain or specific times in our lives. At Bank Medispa in Hale, Cheshire, we understand that not everyone can maintain the perfect diet and that our lives are increasingly stressful and hectic. Therefore, sometimes a little extra is needed, especially at times of stress, or when body goals need to be reached, such as burning fat or supplementing for optimal health and vitality. We offer IntraVita vitamin IV drips in a range of formulations, so you can maintain ultimate physical health and wellbeing, without having to take oral supplements.


What is IV Drip Therapy?

IV (intravenous) therapy is the administration of nutrients, via an IV drip, directly into the bloodstream, for immediate and effective absorption and use by the body. It’s the fastest method to deliver a range of vitamins and nutrients into the body, as it bypasses the digestive system and reaches the organs directly. The result is a 90 to 100 percent absorption rate, in comparison to only 20 to 30 percent when taken orally. Although the media has portrayed IV therapy as a health fad for stressed or tired urban professionals, athletes and celebrities, in fact, this practice has been in existence for centuries.


Frequently asked questions

What type of IV Drip Therapy could I have at Bank Medispa?

The IntraVita range of IV Drip Therapy products offers a range of beneficial substances which can treat a variety of concerns. From vitamins which help boost energy and focus, to specific formulations to help with hair loss and fat burning, whatever your body concern, at Bank Medispa, we can offer an IV therapy drip to suit you. Common uses for IV Drip Therapy include:-

  • Hangover relief
  • Immunity support
  • Relief from colds and flu
  • Athlete recovery
  • Inflammation
  • Exhaustion
  • Stress
  • Digestive issues

What happens during IV Drip Therapy?

Prior to treatment, you will have your medical history evaluated in a no obligation consultation. If required, a sample of bloody will be taken and tested, to ensure that the right amount of nutrients are infused into the body for your specific needs. Once your consultation is completed, you will be able to have the IV treatment. Your Bank Medispa practitioner will disinfect the skin of the injection area, locate a vein and insert an IV catheter. Once the catheter is in place, the chosen substance will be administered. This takes between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the IV drip or IV push which is used. During this time, you can relax, watch TV, read a magazine or check your emails. Once the treatment is complete, a small dressing will be placed on the treatment area and you will be able to return to your daily activities.

When will I feel the benefit of IV Drip Therapy?

Some patients express feeling better almost immediately afterwards. However, most optimum results are experienced within a few hours to a day, after treatment.


You’re in safe hands

At Bank MediSpa we pride ourselves on enabling our patients to look the very best version of themselves. Dr Ahmed is recognised as one of Cheshire’s leading aesthetic doctors, specialising in delivering advanced injectables, and is passionate about ensuring treatments harmonise with a patient’s natural beauty. His outstanding industry reputation means that patients visit Bank MediSpa for treatment from all over the north-west of England from towns such as Altrincham, Sale, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Bramhall, and Knutsford, as well as cities further afield including Liverpool, Chester, and Warrington.

More information?

To find out more about IV Therapy treatments at Bank MediSpa, contact us today to book your complimentary consultation.

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